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UTD Smash Bros Club Constitution
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UTDSSB Constitution Constitution for the University of Texas at Dallas Super Smash Bros. Club March 22nd, 2014 Article I: Title and Name The name of this organization shall be The University of Texas At Dallas Super Smash Bros. Club (UTDSSB). Article II: Goal of UTDSSB The purpose of UTDSSB is to promote interest in and host events for the Super Smash Bros. game series for both entertainment and skill development, so that club members can viably compete in local, regional, state, national, and international competitions. Article III: Membership Any student or faculty/staff wishing to learn Super Smash Bros. skill or participate in events is eligible to become a member of UTDSSB. Student members must be enrolled at UTD as a current student. Student membership fee is nonexistent currently. Article IV: Officers There must be at least 3 officer positions for any club. At least 2 Officers must attend each UTDSSB event. UTDSSB will have 5 officer positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Webmaster. President Provide oversight for UTDSSB Attend or send a representative to all planned meetings by UTDSSB Oversee the progress of other officers Seek to find opportunities that assist in achieving the goal of UTDSSB including but not limited to organized events, fundraising, and online presence Designate special entities for the purposes of listed events in order to accomplish the goal Vice-President Assist President in achieving his duties Attend at least 50% of planned meetings by UTDSSB Stand in place of president if he/she is unable to attend Find opportunities that assist in achieving the goal of UTDSSB including but not limited to organized events, fundraising, and volunteer opportunities. Secretary Assist President in achieving his duties Keep records and paperwork of club activities such as tournaments, travel forms, and attendance. Will assist in finding opportunities to achieve the goal of UTDSSB Treasurer Provide financial oversight for UTDSSB Take charge of fundraising and keep records of club funds Will assist in finding opportunities to achieve the goal of UTDSSB Webmaster Provide oversight for UTDSSB Take charge of online presence, both on social media and in live streaming events Take charge of the UTDSSB website Will assist in finding opportunities to achieve the goal of UTDSSB The responsibilities listed above are not limited on how many jobs one person can have. Club jobs and appointments should be based on the size the club. If an officer states that they are unable to continue their duties a quorum will be required at the next meeting to decide a replacement. Article V: Meetings and Delegations of Officers The triannual meeting shall be held on the first Monday of school for each semester and on the last Monday of the spring semester. (not including summer). Discussion will include: Introduction to Super Smash Bros. Introduction of Officers Upcoming events Goals for UTDSSB for the semester For anything requiring a vote, a quorum must be present. A quorum shall be defined as 25% of the membership of UTDSSB. A quorum is required for all officer elections. If a quorum is present at the meeting then absentee voting will be allowed via e-mail. Before the end of spring semester meeting current officers will meet and decide on replacements for retiring officers. The end of spring semester meeting will include the presentation of new officers with the option for a call to election. A call to election is defined as more than 5% of active membership calling for an open election. As stated, a quorum must be present to validly elect a new officer. Elections are for any officer position for the next year. If no candidate receives a majority, the current officers’ decision stands. If a candidate receives a majority that is not the current officers’ decision, he or she is the officer for the next school year. Officers will be elected for one school year until next end of spring semester officer election. Previous officers will debrief new officers on position responsibilities after vote has been decided. If possible, they can work with previous officers over the summer. The following fall semester is when new officers will take charge. Officers will sign the constitution and uphold its rules for UTDSSB Club. Officers who are found to be incompetent of their position by a majority of current officers, in which the President’s vote is counted thrice, will be immediately removed from position. President can designate temporary positions or take responsibility of said position, until a replacement can be found. The sequence of elections shall be: president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and webmaster. Nominations will be oral and voting for each individual office will be done by secret ballot. Votes will be immediately tallied by the current president and vice-president before voting for the next office. Officer finalization will be announced at the next meeting and/or by e-mail. Article VI: Attendance and Requirements for Active Status Members must fulfill requirements in order to be considered active members for the year. Status will be checked each semester. There are two statuses: new member, and active member. The following requirements for consideration of new member status consist of: Not having been a member of UTDSSB for at least one semester Having applied to be in the club and accepted in the current semester The following requirements for consideration of active status consist of: Attending at least one event in the current and previous semester Any conflicts with schedule should be let known to the president to fix timings. Article VII: Revisions to the Constitution Amendments to this constitution shall be made by a quorum of all members in active status and good standing. Written notice of the proposed changes shall be posted at least one week before the vote is taken. Any question about the constitution should be taken up with the president or vice president. Exceptions are changes that are made by outside organizations that require us to update our constitution. Article VIII: By Laws All requests for memberships shall be accepted without delay and shall be accompanied with appropriate dues and signature to this constitution. There are no membership dues required at this time. Club hosted tournaments may be arranged by the executive committee (officers) and will be available for any club member to participate. Changes in constitution may be made in regular meetings by the majority vote of those present at meetings. Suggestions may be submitted to officers or to the club suggestion box or by email. Approved miscellaneous expenses arising from planned club activities shall be reimbursed as soon as possible. A quorum is defined to be 25% of club members and is required to elect officials, approve monetary expenditures that exceed $300, and make decisions concerning awards, rules, and events. The constitution shall be posted on the UTDSSB website at all times and every member shall receive a copy of the constitution ether by email or hardcopy by request.